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NonyX Nail Gel is the best thing to come out in 40 years and the only one I've ever recommended.
Lee Weiner, DPM, Ft. Lee, NJ
NonyX Nail Gel is excellent. My patients are very satisfied with their results. I am recommending it to my colleagues.
L. Lemell, DPM, Cotto Laurel, Puerto Rico
My patients have reported positive results using NonyX Nail Gel and the package is helpful in patient use of the product.
Steven Plaskin, DPM, Chula Vista, CA
Worth every penny. This gel is fabulous. I have had a problem with my toe nails for a few years now and this is by far the best product I've tried to date. Within two weeks of using as directed there is a significant difference in the appearance of my nails. My nails are almost completely clear for the first time in quite awhile. Definitely a product I will continue to use.
Anonymous on November 25, 2005
I tried this product after reading all the reviews and I think it's great. This is the first time in almost 10 years that my nails have looked this good. I've been using this product twice a day for about 3 months now...it's not all cleared up, but it is a HUGE improvement! I've tried other oral and OTC treatments and nothing has worked. So far this is the best! (And I don't care if I need to use it 4-ever if I will be able to wear sandals again!)
Anonymous on September 20, 2005
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